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24 Hour "Flu Bomb" to Get/Stay Healthy

About two years ago I got a nasty case of the flu.

We were down in Florida for our annual Christmas vacation at the in-laws. For about a week the flu owned me.

I would say the flu was 90% in control and I was 10% in control. I couldn't even function I felt so weak.

Literally "sick and tired" of feeling like crap, I started searching online for natural solutions.

I can across this video called "FIX A COLD/FLU IN 24 HOURS - TRIED AND TESTED REMEDY."

The lady in this video had 5 primary ingredients that she added to hot water:

1) freshly squeezed lemons

2) honey

3) a garlic clove

4) grated ginger

5) cayenne pepper

The results:

1) It tasted absolutely horrific. I wasn't sure I would be able to finish it.

2) It worked - UNBELIEVABLY. Literally within 30 minutes a great reversal took place.

Before: the flu was 90% in control and I was 10% in control.

After: In 30 minutes, I was 90% in control and functioning once again. The flu was 10% in control. Not eradicated, but clearly under control.

My family has been using our own version ever since - with GREAT results.

Here is our version that is probably not as potent, but still effective and more cost/time efficient.

Ingredients (See picture above):

16 oz. of hot water (heated in a pan on the stove top).

1) 1 tablespoon (TBS) of lemon juice.

2) Roughly 2 tablespoons (TBS) worth of honey.

3) 1 peeled clove of garlic.

4) 1/4 teaspoon (TSP) of organic ground ginger.

5) 1/4 teaspoon (TSP) of Cayenne Pepper.

* I like to say the 5 ingredients in our "Flu Bomb" are lemon and honey and the 3 "G's." Garlic, Ginger, and Gun Powder (Cayenne Pepper).


1) Begin heating water on the stove top.

2) Begin adding ingredients to your blender jar.

We use a small, cheap Wal-Mart blender that holds about 20 oz. of contents. Any blender will do.

a. Add the lemon juice.

b. Add the honey.

c. Add the ginger powder.

d. Add the "gun powder" - the cayenne pepper.

e. Add the peeled garlic clove.

f. Add the hot water.

3) Blend for 30 seconds.

Make sure the honey is blended in adequately and that the garlic clove is completely pulverized.

4) Divide equally into cups for those drinking it.

We divide about 16 to 20 oz. into seven cups. Each person drinks just a few ounces. This is NOT original with me, but you could call this a real "flu shot."

5) Drink.

Several comments:

1) You may add more honey to make it sweeter.

2) You may back off on the amount of Cayenne Pepper if its too spicy. That being said, I'm convinced that it is the Cayenne Pepper that almost single handedly knocks out the flu.

3) I'm sure using fresh lemons and raw ginger is superior to what I use. But using the lemon juice and the ground ginger just saves time and money.

4) Our version is still not great tasting. You may NOT be able to get your kids (or adults) to drink it. I tell my kids all the time: "This is NOT a treat. It is a treatment."

5) That being said, it is an acquired taste. My children now ASK for it. They are like my wife and I - we actually have grown accustomed to it and we LOVE how we feel after drinking it.

6) If this version is too spicy for you, feel free to "water it down" by adding more water.

7) I can't promise that it will work for you. Every individual body is different. Just because it works for us, doesn't mean it will work for you. But I hope it will!

8) Obviously, a sick person ages 10 to an adult can drink the whole 16 oz. batch. A sick person between the ages of 5 to 10 could drink close to half of a batch. I have given it to toddlers a few ounces at at time.

9) I would estimate that we drink our "Flu Bomb" 200 to 250 days out of the year. It has kept our family very healthy for the last two years.

10) Let me make the idiotic qualifiers: I'm not a doctor. Don't sue me. Use at your own risk. This is not FDA approved. Blah. Blah. Blah. If you die drinking this, it's your fault not mine.

11) In a world that has NOT used the words "immune system" in the last 14 months, this "Flu Bomb" recipe has been a huge blessing to the health of our family.

12) Big shout out to the lady who made the original video. Thank you!!!

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