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Diamonds and Dominators: Ch. 10 - How the World Works from A to Z (Letter M)

Chapter 10: How the World Works from A to Z (Letter M) M – Moralizing.

Humans moralize the dominance hierarchy. Something humans didn’t always do. Something humans learned how to do.

Something animals have never done. Animal dominance hierarchies are solely about who’s weak and who’s strong. For thousands of years, human dominance hierarchies seemed to function identically to this.

But at some point in our human history, we created another skill for gaining and maintaining dominance: morality.

Humans learned how to moralize the dominance hierarchy. We learned how to make dominance over another person also a “who’s right” and “who’s wrong” matter. To make dominance over another human a “who’s good” and “who’s bad” scenario.

Some time ago, your oldest brother, Ray, asked me, “Dad, what is the worst evil on Earth?”

What. A. Question.

What is the worst evil on Earth?

Hmm…. I do not remember my initial answer to him. But in subsequent week’s and month’s I continued to meditate on that question. What is the greatest evil on the planet?

Sometime later I came back to Ray with this answer. “Ray, I believe the greatest evil on Earth is this: for one person to stand over another person and claim, ‘I have the right to dominate you. If you submit to my domination…you’re a good person. If you resist my domination…you’re a bad person, and you deserve to be hurt by me.”

This is the greatest evil on earth. To dominate another person, and then to moralize it.

Stated another way, the greatest evil on earth is: 1) to steal another person’s two diamonds, 2) to deceitfully claim to be the “moral,” rightful owner of the diamonds, and 3) to use the diamonds as the means of controlling that person.

There is nothing more subtilty evil than convincing yourself that you are “good” for claiming authority over someone who naturally desires autonomy. Believing that you are “good” for making someone your slave.

And that you possess the “right” to mentally program your slave. To brainwash your new slave into seeing themselves as “bad” (their identity) and to “feel bad” (their inner peace) if they ever resist your domination and want freedom from your control.

Domination and control that the dominated never agreed to. Domination and control that the dominated would never agree to if truly given a free choice.

And this claim of ownership and control gets even nastier. In their lust for power, dominators will even put on a highly colorful mask of piety. Dominators may even invoke the name of God in their slave-making process.

· “It is ‘God’s will’ that I rule over you.” · “It is my divine right.” · “Resisting me, is resisting God.” · “God created me to be your master.” · “God created you to be my slave. I was born to dominate you.” · “You were born to be dominated by me.” · “It’s the divine order of things. Don’t fight it.”

As a result, dominators actually convince themselves that they are holy for hurting you. That they have a right to punish you. That as a “righteous” dominator, they are “justified” and “good” for using fear, intimidation, anger, open palms, fists, whips, swords, racks, guns, torture, labels, criminalization, written records, confiscation of possessions and property, separation from family, confinement in cages, and condemnation to hell – all to keep you under their domination and control.

“You didn’t submit to my domination. So this is what you ‘deserve.’”

Animals don’t even do this. That is, the moralizing propaganda part. For them, the dominance hierarchy was, and still is, all about survival. There is nothing moral about it. It has nothing to do with “ethics,” “morality,” “individual rights” or “what is right.”

It’s NOT about who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s ALL about who’s weak and who’s strong. Land animals, birds, marine life, and insects are not labeled as “good” or “bad” because they organize themselves by a dominance hierarchy. And no reasonable human holds animals to any invented human standard of morality.

Think of our example of the dominant male lion.

· Humans do not judge and label the male lion as “immoral,” “bad,” or “evil” for beating up the weaker lions who are a threat to his dominance.

· Not even 21st century “woke” humans conclude that the dominant male lion is a “corrupt tyrant” and a “perv” who kills lion cubs to bring their mother into heat sooner.

· No human government has imprisoned a “terrorist” pride of lions for committing a “hate crime” against a Wildebeest that they ambush killed for their own survival.

· And you can be sure that the dominant male lion is not afraid of hell, the cell, or karma catching up to him for all of his “bad” behavior.

Again, in the animal realm, this behavior is all about survival. It has nothing to do with “morality.” It has nothing to do with who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s all about who’s weak and who’s strong. Period.

But humans have taken the dominance hierarchy to another level. At some point in our history, humans invented another powerful method of gaining and maintaining dominance.


No one really wants to hear this, but it can be effectively argued that all human morality is an invention. Pick any general moral principle or specific moral particular. Even “big stuff” like murder, rape, and robbery. And then layout the history of that moral principle or particular on a homemade timeline.

As “moral” principles, even murder, rape and robbery had starting points. That is, a time in history when external, societal guilt BEGAN to be applied and punished. And a time in history when internal, personal guilt BEGAN to be felt for committing these hurtful actions.

Take murder as an example. Today, murder is almost universally recognized as evil. But for thousands of years, killing was seen only as a matter of survival. Humans killing other humans was as common as lions killing other lions and other competitors like hyenas in a battle for survival.

For millennia, murder wasn’t “bad.” Just normal behavior by living organisms fighting to survive. Even among humans.

Religions may object to these comments with, “No, the command of “Thou shalt not kill “came from God!”


Even the strictest Genesis timeline reveals morality as being extremely undeveloped and generic in the first 2500 years after Creation.

· Adam and Eve never received any of the 10 commandments before or after their expulsion from Eden.

· The “no murder” command finally came after Noah’s Flood at least 1500 years after Creation (Genesis 9:6).

· The 10 Commandments did not come until at least 1000 years after that (Exodus 20:1ff.).

Morality from ANY worldview was a slow developing process. Even the most obvious moral particular of “no murder.”

It doesn’t take a lot of research to see that for thousands of years, human dominance hierarchies functioned almost on par with animal dominance hierarchies. Where humans had little or no internal guilt when stealing one another’s harvested food in order to survive. Where humans had no shame slaughtering whole villages of rival tribes.

In fact, they would even gloriously celebrate such accomplishments. They were not tossing and turning in some guilt-ridden sleep pondering, “I’ve killed so many people. How will I ever live with myself?”

To the contrary, you can find more evidence that they felt good instead of bad by most of their survival instinct behaviors.

Why did humans begin at some point in their history to start making “moral” judgments?

My answer: the burden to survive.

Survivability has produced many children. The burden to survive gave birth to dominance hierarchies. It is my belief that the burden to survive also gave birth to morality.

Morality is the child of survivability. Both for the dominators and for the dominated. For the strong, morality was (and still is) a survival skill to gain and maintain power. To justify their dominance. For the weak, morality was (and still is) a survival skill for protection against dominators.

Morality is all about survivability from BOTH the perspectives of the powerful and the powerless.

· BOTH the powerful and the powerless use morality to reason: “This is why you CAN’T hurt me.”

· BOTH the powerful and the powerless use morality to reason: “This is why I CAN hurt you.”

In a world that is one, big battle for survival. In a world that is one, big dominance hierarchy struggle. Morality was developed as a masterful manipulation technique for gaining and maintaining dominance.

That is why religion and government have always been a source of perpetual debate and conflict. “Don’t talk religion or politics!”


Because these are explosive moral debates. These are passionate fights over what is right and wrong, who is good and bad, and who should be punished and hurt. These are modern power struggles to gain the dominant position.

And “winning” the moral debate means you get to be the judge and punisher of other human beings. And history has proven that humans love to hurt each other.


We hurt, to keep from being hurt. “I will hurt you…to keep you from hurting me.”

And humans have learned to use morality as a weapon. An extremely powerful weapon to actually justify hurting another person.

Don’t believe this?

It’s pretty amazing the stuff that comes out of our mouth when we spout our “moral” indignation and outrage at our enemies.

· “They’re going to burn forever in hell!” · “They should be wiped off the face of the Earth!” · “Kill ‘em all!” · “Lock them up and throw away the key!” · “I hope their kids die!”

Such hatred and venom only expose that we are moral frauds. That love is not the gasoline our moral engine is running on. Hatred is. And morality is often used to disguise our lust for power, domination, and desire to hurt others.

It is my belief that morality was created by humans as a powerful weapon for claiming the high ground, the position of dominance. To become the judge, not the judged. To become the punisher, not the punished. To be the first to blame, so that we are not blamed.

Slowly digest what I am about to say. It is my firm conviction that human dominance hierarchies have NEVER stopped operating like animal dominance hierarchies. Humans still organize themselves like wolf packs and lion prides.

But at some point in our history, humans deceived themselves into moralizing the tribalism, bullying, intimidation, cruel judgments, killing, and hypocritical double standard. Humans learned how to morally justify behaving like animals and rationalizing that such behavior was “good,” “moral,” “ethical,” and “right.”

In my view, this is why so much evil is done in the name of “good.” Why so much immoral and excessive cruelty is done in the name of enforcing “morality.”

· As one old time preacher stated it, moralizing dominators always “get the devil in them, getting the devil out of everyone else.”

· Moralizing dominators will usually commit 100 sins in their attempt to crusade against 1 sin. Think of our ruling class dominators and the devastating consequences of their COVID-19 lockdowns.

· Moralizing dominators are always wolves in sheep’s clothing. The predatory and vicious disguise themselves as the passive and harmless.

· Stated another way, moralizing dominators do not present themselves as grotesque demons of darkness, but as angels of light. Villainous persecutors disguise themselves as virtuous protectors.

But underneath their fake mask (facemask) of piety is their lust for power. A moralizing dominator’s desire to hurt is every bit as strong – or stronger – than their desire to help.

Morality is clearly the child of survivability from the perspective of the strong. It has helped the strong gain and maintain dominance. It has helped them justify all manner of cruelty against anyone resisting their dominance. To justify hurting others as a protection from being hurt themselves.

But morality is also the child of survivability from the perspective of the weak. It has helped the weak to survive in a world of dominators.

Interestingly enough, this is why morality has evolved into being THE weapon of choice to claim dominance. You no longer have to be the biggest, strongest, best looking, or smartest to be a dominator.

Moralizing is the “Everyman’s” domination tool. All you have to do is: 1) claim to be someone’s judge, 2) condemn their words or ways of living, and 3) crusade for them to be disproportionally hurt. Which only makes us immoral in our zeal to moralize. Which reveals our true motive as being dominance, not moral indignation.

We presently call this behavior “virtue signaling.” I hate the term. It’s so vague and non-impactful emotionally.

“Virtue signaling” simply means that people are attempting to gain dominance through moralizing. That they are the “good” person with the moral high ground. That they are “good” by living one notch stricter in some area of life. That this somehow makes them the judge and punisher of other people. Those not measuring up to their invented standard of virtue and goodness.

“Virtue signaling” is a survival technique that greatly benefits the weak. It’s a way for the weaker “Barney Fifes” in this world to feel powerful. It’s their way of claiming dominance and being better than others.

But "virtue signaling” will never heal the world. When we moralize to feel powerful and dominant, it merely turns us into hypocritical, self-righteous pricks whose purpose in life is to find meaning in being “gooder” than everyone else. And most people listening to our moral sermons can feel that our vibrational frequency is hatred, not humility. That our intent is to hurt, not heal.

Can you see how morality is the child of survivability – from the perspectives of BOTH the strong and the weak?

Is this the true origin of morality?

I don’t know.

But it is what I currently believe, and it makes sense to me. That morality is the child of survivability.

Think of any “moral” law, rule, command, etc. invented by human beings. And then ask “Why?” The survivability of either the weak or the strong is almost always the unspoken answer. Some basic examples would be:

· “Thou shalt not kill.” Why? So I can survive.

· “Don’t drink and drive.” Why? To increase the chances of my survivability.

· In some cities, “Don’t use your property as a vacation rental.” Why? So Holiday Inn can survive.

· “Don’t commit treason against your King.” Why? So the royal family can survive and stay in power.

· “Don’t leave and apostatize from your religion.” Why? So the religion can survive.

· “Apply social distancing at all times.” And all the rules surrounding the COVID-19 Lockdown. Why? Every government dominator will claim their rules are to save lives. Survivability is their sole justification for their “moral authority.” And therefore, you are a “bad” person” for disobeying or disagreeing with the rules they’ve invented.

You get the point. Morality is the child of survivability. And in many, many cases so-called “morality” is nothing more than a survival technique to either stay in power, or as a protection from power.

At this point I need to clarify something. I do believe that humans moralizing the dominance hierarchy has had BOTH a positive effect, and a negative effect on Earth.

On the positive side, creating morality helped humans become “civilized.” To allow for civilization, for humans to peacefully co-exist – at least in theory. Moralizing human dominance hierarchies made them slowly and progressively appear less like the vicious, bloody, coercive, cruel, and deadly wolf packs and lion prides.

And this seems to be at least partially true when studying written history. It could be argued that Alexander’s Macedonian Empire conquering the Persian Empire made that portion of the world one notch more “civil.” The result: the world became a little less coercive and a little less cruel. While still remaining very coercive and cruel.

The Roman Empire eventually assumed power where the Macedonian Empire had. The result: the world became a little less coercive and a little less cruel. While still remaining very coercive and cruel.

Monotheistic religions such as Roman Catholic Christianity and Islam eventually assumed power where the Pagan Roman Empire once held authority. The result: it’s possible that the world became a little less coercive and a little less cruel. While still remaining very coercive and cruel.

In the last 500 years, Protestant Christianity has made great inroads throughout the world. The result: the world became a little less coercive and little less cruel. While still remaining very coercive and cruel.

In the last 250 years, Democracy has spread throughout the world as Monarchy has minimized. The result: the world became a little less coercive and a little less cruel. While still remaining very coercive and cruel.

Humans moralizing the dominance hierarchy has had a positive effect on the planet. We can all hotly debate as to how much or to how little. And the world is still on a slowly rising upward trajectory of growing a little less coercive and a little less cruel. While still remaining very coercive and cruel.

And I have to be honest enough to admit something else. Someone can effectively argue that failure to dominate some people would actually be immoral. That for their own good, less developed people groups with vicious and cruel behaviors need to be dominated by more advanced people groups. That the Catholic Spanish Conquistadors needed to dominate the Aztecs to help shut down their practice of human sacrifice. That England needed to bring India up to the modern era. Therefore, to NOT dominate such groups would have been immoral.

Fair enough.

My only problem with this is when we do not recognize at least two IMMORAL by-products of such “moral” domination.

First, that dominators masquerading as “liberators” always have mixed motives. Their motives are not pure through and through.

Did the Spanish “morally” dominate the Aztecs out of love with no strings attached? Did the Conquistadors have the sole motive of bettering the lives of the Aztecs expecting nothing in return?

Or were they happy to also steal gold in their Christianizing process? Was it both sharing God and stealing gold that were their motives? If so, can you really call this “moral” domination?

Did the British Empire “morally” dominate the Indian subcontinent out of love with no strings attached? Did the British have the sole motive of bettering the lives of the Indians expecting nothing in return?

Or were they happy to simultaneously rob India of their resources? Was it both modernizing India and stealing natural resources that were their motives? If so, can you really call this “moral” domination?

How about America’s recent practice of toppling Middle East nations? Are these acts of “moral” domination done out of love with no strings attached? Or are we happy to also rape these lands of their resources? “To the victor go the spoils!”

Dominators almost always plunder while they are “purifying.” A mentality of, “While we’re at it, let’s rob these lands of their resources, and return them to the king!” Dominators sinfully steal from the people they allegedly are sanctifying.

There is a second immoral by-product of “moral” domination. Dominators usually corrupt as much as they “cleanse.”

Dominators aren’t perfect themselves. FAR FROM IT. Dominators attempting to rescue people from one set of immoral behaviors always seem to bring their own different set of immoral behaviors with them. Dominators may “cleanse” and “free” a people group from human sacrifice, widow burning, and bizarre sexual practices. Only to turn right around and enslave and corrupt the same “saved” people with their violence, cruelty, bigotry, greed, arrogance, elitism, and oppressive coercion.

And let’s face it. The one immoral human behavior that dominators never seem to repent of is coercion.

Which brings us to the negative effects of humans moralizing the dominance hierarchy. The negative effects of moralized domination are clear. The consequences and results are devastating. The pages of written history are filled with explicit details of how dominant, alpha humans and their soldiers, police, rule makers, and judges have “morally” justified using all manner of coercion and cruelty to gain and maintain dominance.

Consider the following types of “just punishments” dominators have historically used against anyone resisting their domination. Notice how badly dominators behave forcing people to be “good.”

· “Holy” wars and “Just” wars (notice the terminology, the moralizing of killing) · Crusades and Inquisitions · Gas chambers and Holocausts · Ethnic cleansings and genocides (again, moralized murder) · Slavery – the kidnapping, auctioning, and owning of other human beings · Shootings · Bombings and drone strikes · Every method of cruel torture and interrogation imaginable · Forced thirst and starvation · Isolation and Exiling · Killing one’s family · Staged mauling by wild animals – think of the Roman Coliseum · Stealing property as “legal confiscation” or “spoils of war” (moralized theft) · Fining as a punishment for profit scheme (a favorite in the 21st century) · Stabbing, impaling, disemboweling, and quartering · Humiliating by displaying one naked in public · Electrocuting · Waterboarding · Tar and feathering · Poisoning · Chemical and Biowarfare · Intentionally infecting one with a disease · Boiling and burning alive · Amputating, maiming and mutilating parts of the physical body · Raping of women · Abuse of children · Burning of villages · Beheadings · Hangings · Dragging · Crucifixions · Beatings and whippings · Stoning · Dungeons, prisons, and jails · Gulags, concentration, and “re-education” camps · Etc. Etc. Etc.

In this present day, if I did any of the above things to our neighbor, I would be viewed as being “immoral” and “evil.”

But historically, each of the above human actions and behaviors were/are viewed as “moral,” “just,” and “righteous,” because they were/are being done by moralizing dominators. This is why power corrupts. Gaining and maintain dominance requires the dominator to act and behave this way and then to moralize it.

How can a dominator NOT begin to rot from the inside out?

This is the very essence of “corruption.” Corruption is when a person in a supposedly “good guy” position is doing “bad guy” things.

Can you see why I believe that the greatest evil on the planet is the moralizing of one’s dominance?

It is unimaginably and incomprehensibly evil that dominators can convince themselves that they are “good,” “moral” and “just” when they:

· Coerce conformity – force their fellow humans against their wills and under the threat of being hurt to think, believe, say, do and be something.

· Maintain order and dominance over their fellow humans through the habitual fear of being hurt, caged, or killed.

· Threaten and terrorize their fellow humans with unimaginably brutal and disproportionate judgments.

· Kill hundreds, thousands, and even millions of their fellow humans.

· Willfully live by an intentional, hypocritical double standard.

The greatest evil on earth is moralizing the dominance hierarchy.

And let me return for one brief moment to the “just punishments” of dominators. Let’s also not forget to include Christianity and Islam’s biggest threat for those who resist their domination. The “only just punishment” for those who disagree with and disobey their standards of “morality.” Their God will throw the “immoral” into a lake of fire where he will burn them alive.

For how long?

Not for 10 seconds – which would be enough. Not for 10 minutes. Not for 10 hours. Not for 10 days. Not for 10 months. Not for 10 years. Not for 10 decades. Not for 10 centuries. Not for 10 millennia. Not for 10 million years. Not for 10 billion years. Not for 10 trillion years. But he will burn the “immoral” alive for endless 100 trillion-year cycles in a lake of fire.


In endless starvation, thirst, loneliness, and despair. With no offer of relief. With no intent to reform.

And mysteriously, a line is never crossed by God. Eternal hell is presented by much of Christianity and Islam as being a “just punishment.” Somehow this “just” punishment never transitions into “unjust” torture – like after 10 minutes.

Could you imagine watching someone get burned alive for 10 minutes? Or for a whole hour? How about for a whole day – literally binge-watching someone getting burned alive without them dying or decaying for 24 hours straight? Listening to them continually screaming in anguish and unfathomable misery. Even if it was your worst enemy, wouldn’t you say at some point, “Yeah, that’ll do it. I’m satisfied.”

Not for the Christian and Muslim God. Even three consecutive 100 trillion-year cycles of burning someone alive is just “day one” of eternity. And his justice is somehow never satisfied.

Moralizing the dominance hierarchy. “Civilized” and “Moral” humans have made animals look sane and virtuous.

Why have humans become so “immoral” in the enforcement of their “morality”?

The answer: the law of the dominance hierarchy. Hypocrisy. Two sets of laws. One for the dominators. One for the dominated. The judge and the judged. The punisher and the punished. And at some point in human history, the dominators learned the survival skill of moralizing and justifying their domination.

It just never dawns on dominators how badly they behave forcing people to be “good.” It never occurs to the dominator how dystopian the world becomes as they force their utopia on everyone else.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Are you starting to see why that is?

It is utterly remarkable to me just how bad we become trying to “out-good” one another. How we use bad behavior to correct bad behavior. How we use cruelty to defeat cruelty. How we wear a fake moral mask to hide our real lust for power. How we use “virtue” as our justification for violence.

In a very confusing world, this one thing is clear to me: “advanced” human societies are still organizing themselves like animals.

Catch that?

What’s wrong with the world? We still organize ourselves like animals.

“Progressive” human beings still use all the same methods of control that animals use. Look back over letters A to L of how the world works. Put a mental check mark next to any letter that no longer applies to “enlightened” humans.

They ALL still apply. All of them.

In the 21st century, humans still organize themselves like animals. Tribalism. Coercion. Fear. Intimidation. Cruel judgment. Killing. The law of hypocrisy.


And humans are even worse than animals because we moralize it.

Keep this in mind as I now share with you letters N to Z of how the world works.

Next time: Chapter Eleven: How the World Works from A to Z (Letters N to Z)

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