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Diamonds and Dominators: Ch. 6 - The Wolf Pack: How Dominance is Gained and Maintained

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Chapter 6: The Wolf Pack: How Dominance is Gained and Maintained

When I was growing up a zillion years ago, we played a “king of the mountain” type of game on the school playground.

It went like this. There is one large stone that 5 boys are trying to be the king of. All 5 boys wrestle, pull, shove, kick, punch, bite, and ultimately push down each other in a struggle to get on top of the “mountain.” Finally, after a struggle, one boy gains dominance and a superior position by getting to the top of the stone. The other four boys are in the inferior, dominated position on the ground.

But this isn’t the end of the game. Once the one boy gains dominance, he now must maintain dominance. He fought to get on top. Now he must fight to stay on top. The other four boys all will be tugging and yanking to pull him down while he must kick and push to keep them down. This “friendly” playground game is a picture of a brutal reality in animal and human nature.

Perhaps no other animal species more clearly illustrates the concept of a dominance hierarchy than a wolf pack. One wolf gains dominance as the alpha, the “king of the mountain,” by putting down the other wolves by biting, clawing, snarling, scratching, and ultimately rising above the other wolves.

Once the alpha establishes dominance over – let’s say 9 other wolves – it will not be an egalitarian setup where all 10 wolves now have equal standing and live together in mutual love and respect. How the alpha gained dominance is how he will maintain dominance – fear, force, and the threat of punishment.

And this “societal order” organized through fear will govern every relationship within the hierarchy from wolves 2 through 10 – the “underdogs.”. Again, the pack is not one alpha and nine equals. To use chicken dominance hierarchy terminology, there will be a pecking order. Even wolf 9 will be dominate over wolf 10 and use fear and intimidation to keep him in his place.

But back to the alpha. How did this one wolf become the dominant wolf who makes the rules and controls the other 9? How was this dominance gained? How did the alpha become the alpha?

· Was it because he was the smartest wolf?

· Was it because he was the biggest wolf?

· Was it because he was the oldest and most experienced wolf?

· Was it because of a genetic pre-disposition, that it’s just in his DNA to be a born leader of wolves?

I believe it’s a combination of these things.

But I will summarize it this way. One wolf becomes the alpha by being the most spiritually dominant. That is, he has the strongest spirit, disposition, attitude, aura, or energy. He has the most forceful personality. He has the strongest mind and will. He has the ability to impose his mind and will upon the others.

This is the number one attribute of the dominant. They have the strongest spirit. They can control weaker spirits. They have the strongest will. They can control weaker wills. They have the strongest mind. They can control weaker minds.

Now, to be sure, many times it is the biggest, physically strongest wolf who has the strongest spirit. He has a strong spirit because he has been awakened to his physical dominance. And his physical dominance strengthens his confidence, enlarges his intelligence, and increases his courage to conquer. All of this strengthens his spirit and makes his personality even more forceful.

This powerful wolf will gain dominance and become the alpha by using fear and intimidation. He physically intimidates. He will bite the other wolves and sink his teeth into their ears, muzzle, or body. He will inflict physical pain. He will forcefully stand over them. He will put his head or paw on them with downward pressure. Every physical act of intimidation will accomplish his end objective: “You will obey my orders, or I will attack and hurt you.”

Along with the physical intimidation is the emotional and psychological intimidation. The alpha’s purpose in using forceful growling, snarling, and barking is clear. It is a manipulative power play to say to the weaker, “Be afraid of me. Know your place. Don’t even think about challenging my dominance and my authority over you.”

At this point, it could be said that the alpha has in his possession the diamonds of identity and inner peace from every single wolf in the pack. He defines their identity. The other wolves exist to fulfill his will, not their own. He dictates and determines their inner peace. Their inner peace can only be found in submission to the alpha. To the other 9 wolves in the pack, the alpha is their “They,” their dominator.

And, again, it’s not just the alpha who operates this way. There is a dominance ranking from 2 to 10. Even between low ranking wolves such as numbers 9 and 10, the higher-ranking wolf will be sure to bully (to borrow dominance hierarchy terminology of cattle) the lower-ranking wolf to remind him of his superiority and that this superiority is not to be challenged.

About two years ago, I remember showing your brothers a brief YouTube video on a wolf pack in captivity. One low ranking wolf had the scent of a caretaker on him. To the judgment of a jealous, higher ranking wolf, this was unacceptable and out-of-line. The higher-ranking wolf immediately began to re-establish its dominance. It kept placing its head and paws above the other wolf.

Initially, there was temporary resistance from the wolf being bullied. But ultimately, the incessant manipulation techniques of growling, biting, pushing, and holding down, helped re-establish dominance in this individual relationship within the pack. This was the dominance hierarchy in action, and not just at the top, but in every single relationship within the pack.

By the way, is your mind drawing any parallels yet? Do you see how humans treat each other just like wolves treat each other?

The wolves are most instructive. They teach us that dominance is gained and maintained at every level by spiritual and physical dominance. By using the psychological tools of fear, intimidation, and bullying.

But they also teach us the hideous hypocrisy of the dominance hierarchy. That being, there are two sets of rules: one for the dominator, one for the dominated. One set of rules for the strong. One set of rules for the weak.

You will observe:

· The dominant wolf is the judge. The dominated wolf is the judged.

· Therefore, the dominant wolf is the punisher. The dominated wolf is the punished.

· The dominant wolf can be mean. The dominated wolf must be meek.

· The dominant wolf can be nasty. The dominated wolf must be nice.

· The dominant wolf gets to raise his voice. The dominated wolf must be silent.

· The dominant wolf can use physical violence. The dominated wolf must “take it” and stand down peacefully.

· The dominant wolf can be proud. The dominated wolf must be humble.

· The dominant wolf is the rule maker. The dominated wolf is the rule follower.

The law of the dominance hierarchy is hypocrisy. There are two sets of rules. One for the strong and dominant. One for the weak and dominated. An unfair setup of “Your accountable to me…but I’m not accountable to you. I can hurt you. But you can’t hurt me.”

Tell me how this is any different than how all humans behave? In my lifetime, I’ve observed that humans behave this way in almost every single relationship “in the pack.”

Let me prepare you for the world I brought you into. Almost every encounter with another person you will have in your life, will bring with it a wolf-like “sniffing out” moment to sense who is more dominant.

And in most cases, both of you will mystically settle into the roles of the dominator and the dominated. One becomes the judge and the other the judged.

And although these words may not be used, facial expressions (especially eyes), overall body language, and the vibe of spirit will clearly communicate something to this effect:

· “I’m prettier than you are. Therefore, I’m the dominator, you’re the dominated. I’m the judge, you’re the judged. Therefore, I can act better than you and treat you like crap.”

· “I’m older and more experienced than you are. Therefore, I’m the dominator, you’re the dominated. I’m the judge, you’re the judged. I don’t have to respect you. But you better respect me – or else.”

· “I’m richer than you are. My clothes are nicer than yours. My parent’s houses and cars are nicer than that of your parents. Therefore, I’m the dominator, you’re the dominated. I’m the judge, you’re the judged. I’m cool. You’re not. I can be proud and condescending to you. But you better be humble in my presence.”

· “I’m stronger than you are. Therefore, I’m clearly the dominator, you’re the dominated. I’m the judge, you’re the judged. I can be mean to you. But you better be meek and mild in my presence – if you know what’s good for you.”

· “I’m smarter than you are. Therefore, I’m the dominator, you’re the dominated. I’m the judge, you’re the judged. I can pretend your invisible…unless you kneel before my brilliance…then maybe I will talk to you – in private. I don’t want to hurt my image by being seen with you.”

· “I’m more talented and skilled than you are. Therefore, I’m the dominator, you’re the dominated. I’m the judge, you’re the judged. I can make fun of you…but you must compliment me and recognize that I’m better than you.”

· “I’m more holy and virtuous than you are. Therefore, I’m the dominator, you’re the dominated. I’m the judge, you’re the judged. I am good. You are bad. God is happy with me. God is unhappy with you. I am worthy of acceptance. You are worthy of rejection…unless you become like me.”

· In summary, “I’m better than you. So I have the right to bully and belittle you.”

If you understand this example of the wolf pack, you will understand much about this planet.

You will understand how animal and human alphas rise to power. How dominance is gained and then maintained – through fear, force, and violence.

You will “get it” as to why there is constant fighting and killing among animals and people on Earth. Both animals and humans are chronically fighting for a higher position on the dominance hierarchy. They all want to be the dominator, not the dominated. They all want to be the judge, not the judged.

But let’s turn to the “king of beasts” for more insight into this concept of a dominance hierarchy.

Next time: Chapter Seven: The Lion Pride: Dominators Have No Right, Just the Might

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