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Diamonds and Dominators: Ch. 7 - The Lion Pride: Dominators Have No Right, Just the Might

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Chapter 7: The Lion Pride: Dominators Have No Right, Just the Might

As we digest this concept of a dominance hierarchy, a lion pride is also enlightening. Let’s focus on the pride male who ascends to leadership over 15 other lions.

What is it that gives one dominant male lion the right to rule a pride? WHO gave him the authority to rule and control the other lions?

The short answer is this: no one.

No one.

No one gives a male lion with an impressive mane the right to rule.


From the example of a lion pride I want to point out this irrefutable truth: dominators – any individual or group who is higher on a dominance hierarchy than you do NOT have a right to rule you.

They only have the might to rule you.

The ancient saying of “might makes right” is a fact of life. It’s how the world works.

Like the alpha wolf, as long as the male lion is strong enough in its mind, forceful enough in its personality, and powerful enough in its body to keep rival male lions subdued and intimidated, he will remain the leader and law maker of the pride. He makes the rules. He establishes the territory. He determines who eats and drinks first. He has sole breeding rights to pass on his genes.


One day he will become less, while another male lion has become more. Another lion has strengthened his mind, grown in his physical body, been hardened through more life experience, and he is now ready to challenge the top lion. If the challenger possesses the might to win the fight against the present “king,” he then also wins the right to rule the pride.

Might. Fight. Right.

It’s the same for humans. The story of human history is the story of wolf-like, lion-like, alpha men which history labels as “Great” men. All over the planet, you will find stories of alpha men such as: Sargon the Great (Akkad), Cyrus the Great (Persian/Achaemenid), Alexander the Great (Macedonian), Constantine the Great (Roman), Akbar the Great (Mughal) Peter the Great (Russia), Frederick the Great (Prussia), among many, many others.

And those not carrying the title “the Great” certainly belong in this category of alpha humans. Examples would be Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Kings of numerous people groups, Karl Marx, Gandhi, Adolph Hitler, American Presidents, etc.

You get the point. Alpha humans who lead massive human packs. Dominant humans who lead massive human prides.

Like wolves, these are the alpha men who gained and maintained dominance over other humans. How did they become the dominant “alpha”?

The same way a wolf or lion does, through spiritual power. Their force of personality came through some combination of being stronger, smarter, wiser, more virtuous, richer, more accomplished in battle, or courageous in the face of danger.

Like the alpha wolf, most of them used fear, force, intimidation, violence, cruelty, and brutality to maintain dominance over their subjugated peoples. Any hint of insubordination to their dominance would bring about the swiftest of judgment. Harsh judgment to strike fear into the hearts of any other people contemplating resistance and rebellion. And they constantly were at war and/or work to expand their territory and enlarge their dominion.

But WHO gave these alpha humans the right to kill, torture, subjugate, plunder (tax), intimidate, and enslave other humans?


Some believe so. The Old Testament frequently presents Yahweh as being behind all the rising and falling of human kings and kingdoms (Isaiah 45:1; Ezra 1:1-2; Daniel 2:21). The New Testament presents God as ordaining all authority to maintain order in the world (John 19:11; Romans 13:1-2).


So God ordained the dominance hierarchy?

· Did God ordain perpetual war for the people of Earth to slaughter each other?

· Did he ordain, and even sometimes order, the not-so-unusual ancient practices of killing every man, woman (even pregnant ones), child, and baby during conquest (Joshua 6:21; I Samuel 15:3)?

· Did the Creator ordain the extreme normality of the raping of wives and daughters during invasion and conquering?

· Did God ordain the common practices of burning homes and villages and then displacing peoples from their homelands?

· Did the loving Heavenly Father ordain the subjugation and slavery of dominated peoples?

· Was the slave trade and thousands of years of subduing, selling, separating, and humiliating black people part of his predestined plan?

· Was it God’s plan for Europeans to come to the Americas, kill millions of Native Americans through disease and war, seize their land, put them in concentrated areas, and make rules for them to govern their lives?

And how do Christians holding firmly to Romans 13:1 answer these following questions?

· Did the Triune God ordain the rise of your arch-rival Islam?

· How about the Ottoman Empire?

· Does the Christian God ordain all the Muslim rulers in Muslim nations today?

What about the last 100 years?

· Did God ordain Hitler’s rise in Germany and the eventual Holocaust?

· Did God raise up Joseph Stalin and ordain the formation of the Soviet Union?

· How about Mao in China?

· Pol Pot of Cambodia?

· Did God really ordain the killing of 100 million people at the hands of their ruling classes in the 20th century? Was that his plan? Does God ordain genocide?

How about the leaders of the United States?

· Did God raise up Barack Obama? Was his election God’s act of deliverance for the liberal left wing? Or was it God’s judgment on the conservative right wing?

· Did God raise up Donald Trump? Was his election God’s salvation for the conservative right? Or was it God’s judgment on the liberal left?

It begins to be a very infuriating conversation when you believe God rules the world through his ordained rulers, tyrants, and oppressors. Is God really pro-freedom, or is he actually pro-slavery? Is God into domination or liberation? Did God ordain the dominance hierarchy?

I don’t know. If there is a God, I sure hope not.

But what I presently believe is this. As I observe history and the present world, I see a more natural explanation. It all looks like one, big battle for survival. It all looks like one, big dominance hierarchy. And dominant humans were/are like the male lion. Most alpha humans in history simply had the might to win the fight. Which in their minds gave them the right.


Like a male lion, one “great” man’s supposed right to rule lasts only until he loses the fight against an even more dominant “great” man. And in these fights for dominance, let’s not forget the respective soldiers and subjugated peoples under the control of these men. People who are forced to live in the drama created by the alpha humans dominating them.

Take King George III as prime evidence that it is only the might to win the fight that gives the supposed right to rule. Who gave King George III the right to rule the 13 original colonies of America in 1775?

Did his right to rule come from God? If so, was declaring independence from George III’s rule actually disobeying God? Was the American Revolution actually an act of Satanic rebellion?

Then how did King George III ever lose his God ordained right to rule the 13 colonies in 1781?

What changed?

· Was it actually God’s judgment on George III?

· Was George III really that tyrannical, any more than any other leader in history?

· What did George III do to cross the line in God’s mind that he ultimately lost the right to rule the 13 colonies?

· And why did God allow George III to continue ruling England? Why didn’t God remove his right to rule there also?

· Was any of this supernatural narrative really taking place?

I don’t think so. It’s pretty simple. The whole world is one, big dominance hierarchy.

This is the true “natural law.” Might makes right is natural law. The dominance hierarchy is natural law.

King George III had the right until he lost the fight. When he lost the fight, he lost the right of ruling the 13 American colonies whose leaders had declared independence from his rule.

Starting to get the picture of what a dominance hierarchy is, and how it works?

Perhaps we are getting a little lost in the details. Let’s take some time to rise above all these details. Let’s attempt to see where the concept of a dominance hierarchy fits in the big picture of our universe.

Next time: Chapter Eight: A Forest View of Planet Earth

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