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Diamonds and Dominators - Ch. 8 - A Forest View of Planet Earth

Chapter 8: A Forest View of Planet Earth

There is an old saying, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.” It’s a simple way of saying don’t miss the big picture (the forest) because you are so caught up in the details (the trees).

Think Water Rock Knob.

You know that’s one of our favorite places to go as a family. But it’s a little bit of work to get there. As we travel through the entry gates of the Blue Ridge Parkway, we have to ascend for nearly 30 minutes until we arrive at Water Rock Knob. The elevation is nearly 6000 feet. Once we get up there, it feels like you can see everything. It seems like you can see the whole forest.


It feels like from Water Rock Knob you can view the whole of Nantahala National Forest. You are also looking at the Great Smokies National Park, the most visited National Park in the country. And you are so high that you can even see another state. You can see Tennessee’s highest peak, Clingman’s Dome.

It’s absolutely gorgeous to be that high and see the “big picture.” To just step back and “see it all” from the single, unified perspective of Water Rock Knob.

The forest.

But imagine that we were 3000 feet lower somewhere in the middle of Nantahala National Forest and its over 500,000 acres. And as we were hiking on a trail, you became interested – nay, obsessed – by the millions of trees.

And not just the trees. You’ve now trained your mind to become so detail minded, you’ve also become preoccupied with the hundreds of millions of branches, limbs, leaves, veins in the leaves, and bug-eaten holes in the leaves.

As a result of becoming so lost in the billions (maybe even trillions) of details, you lose the “big picture” perspective. You forgot when, where, and how these trillions of details even fit in the overall setting of the forest they live in.

The trees.

“Don’t miss the forest for the trees.” Don’t miss the big picture because you are lost in billions of details. Take some time to rise above all the details and see the overall view.

So far in this book, we’ve looked at a lot of trees. We talked about your birth. How you were born to be free – and with two diamonds in your hands. In your right hand was the diamond of your identity. In your left hand was the diamond of your inner peace.

But in your lifetime, there will be thousands of individuals and groups who want to steal your diamonds. Dominators that can take the form of massive power groups like the religious, ruling, and rich classes. And dominators can take the form of smaller practical groups and individuals like friends, neighbors, siblings, and parents.

Dominators want to control you. Dominators will threaten to hurt you if you do not submit to them.


Because the whole world is one, big dominance hierarchy. It’s all about being the alpha in any scenario of life. It’s about being the dominator, not the dominated. It’s about being the judge, not the judged.

One gains and maintains dominance like an alpha wolf – through fear, force of personality, and the threat of violence. And like the dominant male lion of a pride, one has no “right” to control others this way, they just have the might.

At this point, it sort of feels like we are in the middle of Nantahala National Forest walking around wondering if we are lost. Not knowing how the world got this way, or why it is this way.

The point of the next few chapters is to go to Water Rock Knob. To get the “forest view.” To climb to a place where we can “see it all.” To get the big picture. To rise above the entire history of our planet, it’s bloody battles for survival, the many forms dominators may take, the cruel dominance hierarchies that have evolved, and all of the pain, suffering, slavery, and confusion that its billions of inhabitants have felt – and still feel.

We are going to briefly rise above all that. And I’m going to give you my worldview. Literally, how I view the world. My big picture.

I’m old enough to know that there will be holes and shortcomings in my perspective. Perhaps significant. And in ten years, my ideas of how the world works may be far different than today.

But shortcomings aside, I’m at least going to be painfully honest. Dominators – both great and small – would hate this content. So be it.

If you understand what I’m about to say, it will help you better understand our world of slavery. And you will be better prepared to survive within it.

What I’ve done is given you a “How the World Works from A to Z.”

It is actually the foundation for another book I hope to write, “Why the World is Crazy from A to Z: A Prescriptive Path to Sanity.” That book will be much more in depth than what I share here.

Each of the points will be intentionally brief. But its content belongs in any advice I would give you on how to live and how to feel free in a world of slavery.

Let me end this chapter by giving you the “forest view of my forest view” before I break it down into more detail in the next three chapters.

How the World Works from A to Z

Letters A to F – Life on Earth is one, big battle for survival.

A – Alive – I am alive. How? Why? Doesn’t matter, because…

B – Burden – I carry a heavy burden to stay alive, to survive.

C – Competition – The biggest challenge to survival is competition.

D – Dominance – The key to survival is to gain dominance over a territory.

E – Enemies – An enemy is anyone who threatens my survival and dominance.

F – Fighting – Living means constant fighting for food, survival, and dominance.

Letters G to L – Survivability has a child: the dominance hierarchy.

G – Group – To increase one’s chances of survival, many times groups are formed.

H – Hierarchy – Within the group, a dominance hierarchy or power ranking is formed.

I – Intimidation – Fear and intimidation is how group order works from top to bottom.

J – Judgment – Judgment comes to anyone challenging the order of the hierarchy.

K – Killing ­– Killing anyone challenging our survival, domination, or hierarchy.

L – Law – The law of the dominance hierarchy is hypocrisy.

The dominator lives by one set of rules. The dominated lives by a second set of rules.

Letter M – Survivability has another child: morality.

M – Moralizing – At some point in our history, humans moralized the dominance hierarchy.

Letters N to Z – Human moralization of the dominance hierarchy.

N – Nobility – dominant humans create the rich class and moralize it.

O – Oligarchy – dominant humans create the ruling class and moralize it.

P – Priesthood – dominant humans create the religious class and moralize it.

Q – Quarantine – the quarantine effect, separation of elites from enslaved.

R – Regulation – how the elites justify and moralize their domination.

S – Subjugation – how the elites maintain their domination.

T – Taxation – how the elites make the enslaved pay for their domination.

U – Unquestioned – how the elites never allow anyone to question their domination.

V – Violence – the only way the elites gain and maintain dominance.

W – War – how the elites spread their dominance and increase power.

X – Xenophobia – how the elites justify and moralize the spread of their domination.

Y – Yoke All humanity is living under the heavy yoke of elite domination.

Z – Zoo – We’re all slaves on display in some zoo created for us by the elites.

Now that I’ve given you the “forest view of my forest view,” let me explain it more fully.

Next time: Chapter Nine: How the World Works from A to Z (Letters A to L)

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