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Diamonds and Dominators: How to FEEL Free in a World of Slavery - Ch. 3 - "They" Want Your Diamonds

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Chapter 3: “They” Want Your Diamonds There is a nasty history connected with diamonds, even the most famous ones. Many thieves attempt to steal them. And have succeeded in doing so. The Hope Diamond that I alluded to has a spectacular history of changing greedy hands.

The Koh-I-Noor diamond is greatly disputed. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and England all claim that the jewel belongs to them. They all believe they have the exclusive “right” of ownership over the diamond.

And it’s no different for the two diamonds you hold in your hands. Within minutes after you were born, there were thousands of individuals and groups who wanted to claim ownership over your two diamonds.

“They” would love the opportunity to get close to you.

“They” want the chance to pry open your little hands in order to steal your diamonds.

“They” want to claim ownership over your identity and then program your inner peace to be their slaves.

But who are “They”?

Why do “They” want your diamonds so bad?

And why do “They” need your diamonds in order to make you their slave?

“They” refers to any person or group who wants to dominate you.


And a DOMINATOR is anyone who wants to control your life, remove your freedom, make choices for you, design you, mentally and emotionally program you, enlist you, and enslave you for their own purposes.

You might want to read that again.

And dominators will HURT you in a thousand ways – even kill you – if you don’t submit to their domination.

Dominators, whatever form they may take, ALL have this same method and motto: “I’m stronger than you. Be afraid of me. Give me your diamonds, or I’m going to hurt you.”

ALL dominators do this. Some with an intimidating snarl. Others with an artificial smile. But “They,” dominators, are all the same.

Dominators can take the form of large-scale power groups like:

- the religious class (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) - the ruling class (global, national, provincial, state, county, local government, etc.) - the rich class (the world-shaping wealthy).

I call the religious, ruling, and rich classes the POWER CLASSES. The unholy trinity of power on Earth. These three dominators have used their power to steal the diamonds of nearly every person on the planet. And all three want yours.

But dominators can also take the form of the PRACTICAL CLASSES. That is, smaller-scale groups or individuals who dominate your tiny corner of the planet. People on a local level who will want to bully you until you submit to their control.

Examples of this would be friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, employers, jerks at school, evil predators, a romantic interest, your own siblings, your mother – and, if I’m humble enough to admit it – even me, your own father.

Unfortunately, you will discover that the people closest to you can be dominators. Dominators who also will attempt to seize either a cut of, or entire control over the two diamonds of your identity and inner peace.

That is who “They” are.

“They” are DOMINATORS.

And these DOMINATORS are coming for your DIAMONDS.

But you are two years old as I write this. You’re probably closer to 12 years old as you read this. Perhaps your diamonds have already been stolen.

Perhaps now as a young lady, you can’t even imagine a time in your life when you were free from the tyranny of “They.” From dominators dominating you. From control freaks controlling you.

If you already need to reclaim the diamonds of your identity and your inner peace, I need to remind you of what you were like at two.

Next time: Chapter Four: A Mind Free From the Fear of Dominators

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