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Diamonds and Dominators: - Freedom and Love Will Heal the World

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

DIAMONDS AND DOMINATORS: How to Feel Free in a World of Slavery

by Joe Gowerstreet To Hallie Joy, my sweet baby girl.

Introduction: Freedom and Love Will Heal the World

Freedom and love will heal the world.

Your mother keeps asking me, “What’s the point of the book?”

That’s it.

Freedom and love will heal the world.

This planet is filled with dominators and domination. This is a world controlled by sovereigns, systems, and slavery. These powerful people and institutions WILL hurt you deeply. And they will do so in the name of helping and protecting you.

When they do, and you are broken and confused, know that freedom and love will heal you. Freedom and love are healing me.

This is the first book I have ever written. I hope to write several more. But may it always be said that your father’s unmistakable message to you, your brothers, your mother, and anyone else who may read this, was encapsulated in his first published words: freedom and love will heal the world. What is freedom?

Perhaps the deaf community visualizes freedom better than anyone else. In sign language, freedom is communicated by starting with your wrists crossed – signifying that your hands are bound. Then in dramatic fashion, the hands pull apart. This illustrates that the ropes or chains binding the hands have fallen off. The imagery is clear: one has been freed from slavery.

Slavery is being bound by another. Slavery is being dominated and controlled by someone else. Slavery is being owned, ordered, and oppressed against one’s will. Slavery is living under the perpetual fear and threat of being hurt by a master.

Slavery is a scenario that we would never choose if we were truly given a free choice.

And freedom, reduced to its most simple and precise form, is choice.

What is freedom? Freedom is choice.

Any and all tests for freedom can be distilled down to this question: “Is the choice mine to make?”

If my answer is “No,” then I’m not free. I am only free when I have a choice.

And my choice must be a free choice. It must not be a fear “choice.”

It’s never a free choice if someone is threatening to hurt me if I don’t make the “choice” they want me to make.

It’s never a free choice if some dominant person, group, business, government, or religion is threatening me with being burned in hell, killed, caged, shot, gassed, hit, fired, criminalized, censored, shunned, shamed, or having my money and possessions taken if I don’t “choose” what they have chosen for me to “choose.”

Catch that?

These are fear “choices,” not free choices. This is force, not freedom. This is coercion, not choice.

The word coercion is one I want you to become very familiar with. Coercion is the antithesis and enemy of freedom. Coercion is the malevolent curse and malignant cancer of the world.

What is coercion?

Coercion is being forced to “choose” something against my will out of fear of being hurt.

Don’t miss the three parts of coercion. Coercion is:

1. Being forced to “choose,” think, say, believe, do, be, or become something 2. Against my will (I would never choose this if given a free choice) 3. Out of fear of being hurt by a dominate person or group.

Therefore, a second all-important test of freedom is this: “Is coercion being used against me?”

If my answer is “Yes,” then I’m not free.

A truly free choice is the exact opposite of coercion. It’s where I am free to choose something according to my will without the fear of being hurt.

A free choice is when neither my will nor my hands are bound. I am in control of my choices. · I am free to choose what I want. · I am free to think what I want. · I am free to believe what I want. · I am free to say what I want. · I am free to do what I want. · I am free to be and become what I want.

True freedom.

And true freedom feels free. Something that is exceptionally hard to feel in our world of slavery.

But this is your father’s greatest desire: to be free, and to feel free. And that my wife, children, grandchildren, and future generations live free and feel free.

And that we can live our lives in peace – with true inner peace. With our hearts and minds characterized by being consistently at ease rather than constantly on edge. Down deep, in the deepest part of our hearts, I want us to be free and to feel free.

I’m convinced many people feel this way.

But I must confess that the majority of my life has been spent either being emotionally flat or being controlled at the very center of my being by much darker emotions.

Paralyzing fear.

Persecuting guilt.

Confusing anger.

Deep self-hatred.

Even extended periods of deep depression, hopelessness, and despair.


Because my outer world and my inner world are not in harmony. Because outwardly, I am a slave in a world of slavery. And I have been bullied by my dominating masters into bowing, smiling, and pretending that this scenario is ok with me. That I’m ok with them. That this game I am forced to play in is something that I would “freely choose” to play in.

But inwardly, I’m in deep conflict. I know I’m not free – and I want to be. I know coercion is being used against me – and I hate it. I know if given a free choice, this is not the life that I would live.

Powerful individuals and groups that are stronger than I am, whom I will refer to as “dominators” throughout this book, have designed my life for me. Dominators who control the details and destiny of my life from the day I was born till the day I die. And if I resist their dominance, they believe they have the right – and moral duty – to hurt me.

Even though most of them can be well-intentioned, dominators always ultimately fail. Because they honestly don’t know how to dominate apart from the use of fear, threats, and hurting people.


Because fear, threats, and hurting people gets results.


And what gets rewarded, gets reinforced. Therefore, dominators are always about fear and coercion. They are never about freedom and choice.

I started writing this book around New Year’s Day, 2019. I had no idea that in just over a year, COVID-19 would hit our planet. That almost every person on Earth would begin experiencing a whole new level of slavery. That all our tests for freedom would fail at every level of existence.

· What do you mean I must stay home? · Can I go to work? · Can I go to school? · Am I “essential”? · Can I worship God with the people of God in the house of God? · Can I travel and move? · Can I go outside? · Can I hug someone I love? · Can I visit my aging mother? Will I ever see her again? · Do I have to wear a mask? · If I get COVID-19, can I use that drug to save my life? · What do you mean a vaccine will be potentially mandated? · Why does one human being – an “expert,” President, governor, or mayor – get to make choices for millions of individuals? · Why can’t I make my own choices? · Why can’t I live life at my own risk? · Why do we obey these people? · Isn’t this supposed to be a free country?

And those questions represent only a small sample of the ever-tightening chains in our world of slavery.

A planet where dominators think they own us. Dominators who evidently believe we were born to be dominated by them. That we supposedly have no other choice than to simply obey what they’ve chosen for us. That we are helpless little children without them.

Earth is at a crossroads. Will COVID-19 be the catalyst for greater human domination? Or will it be the catalyst for the greatest human liberation in history?

For it to be the latter, a freedom movement must be launched. A movement of FREEDOM LOVERS who envision a world where you and every single person on Earth can one day take – and pass – the two tests for freedom:

1. “Do I have a choice?” – with the answer being “Yes!” 2. “Is coercion being used against me?” – with the answer being “No!”

But that is not our present world. Not even close.

At present, there are protests all over the Western world condemning police brutality and alleged racism. On May 25, 2020, a Minneapolis police officer subdued an arrested African American man, George Floyd, with a knee to his neck for the better part of nine minutes. Floyd was reported to have repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe.” The end result: George Floyd died. The literal fires of protest are still burning as I write this.

To be sure, I have 100 opinions from 100 different angles on this incident and its divisive aftermath. But I am going to skip all of them to make one solitary point. A metaphorical one. Hopefully a unifying one.

“I can’t breathe.”

A dying man has given humanity a succinct message and timeless metaphor for all dominators. “I can’t breathe. You don’t own me. Get your knee off my neck. I wasn’t born to be dominated by you. Stop bullying me through fear and coercion. I want to live and to feel free.”

The world you were born into is as broken and wounded as ever. Maybe more than ever.


Because even though our species is growing smarter, we are not growing wiser. Even though our species constantly advances in doing things better, we – as human beings – are not better.

We can build 100 story skyscrapers, nuclear reactors, 5G towers, drones, and artificial intelligence.

But we still haven’t been able to put it together that fear and coercion will never heal the world.

It needs to be said again and again and again…and again – until it starts to click.

Fear and coercion will NEVER heal the world.

It’s well into the 21st century, and alpha human dominators still haven’t figured that out. They still function by, “Ah-hah! I have an idea that will fix the world…now let me force everybody to do it! And, I’ll hurt them if they disobey or disagree with me.”

How twisted is that? “Let me help you, or I’ll hurt you.” “Let me protect you, or I’ll punish you.” “My concern for your safety gives me absolute sovereignty over you.”

Dominators are always blind to how dystopian the world becomes when they attempt to force their utopia upon everybody else.

And what’s the worn-out, popular definition of insanity? Is it not doing the same thing again and again expecting different results?

No wonder the world is crazy. Our history is simply one of dominators masquerading as liberators using fear and coercion to establish their new utopian societal order.

In our supposedly highly advanced, “enlightened” age, the light bulb has still not turned on in our dark, dumb brains as to the chief moral lesson of our own history. That being this: fear and coercion will never heal the world.

Freedom and choice will heal the world.

Freedom and love will heal the world.

What is love?

Another shout out to the deaf community. I love their symbol for “I love you.” It is simply holding up your hand while dropping the middle and ring finger. The pinky, index finger, and thumb remain extended. I cherish the opportunity of flashing to each of you children this “I love you” sign many times each week.

But what is love? And why do I believe that freedom and love as a tandem will heal the world?

The irony of freedom is that it needs to be governed. The quality of choices that freedom will make, depends on the good will or the ill will of the person making the choices. And only love can properly govern the free choices of an individual.

I know it sounds delusional, but I believe that fixing the world is really quite simple.

Rule 1: Don’t hurt anybody. Rule 2: Help everybody.

It really is that simple. Don’t hurt. Help.

Which brings up a very basic question: Why do we hurt each other?

And don’t read on until you’ve pondered the answer to that question.

We all want to be and to feel free. But in the 21st century, we are still using our tiny amounts of residual freedom to hurt each other. When we should be using our freedom to help each other. Because we humans still make choices to hurt others, freedom and choice have to be constantly governed.

But who or what can govern freedom? So that freedom is still freedom.

There is only one candidate. One that is perfect, that has no flaws.


Only love can govern freedom.

Dominators and their so-called “laws,” cannot govern freedom.

Dominators always – yes always – end up hurting people in the name of helping people. Very few rules made by dominators – if any - have ever been good for all people at all times.

It is almost a true law, a universal constant like gravity or entropy, that when dominators make rules to help one group of people, they always end up hurting a different group of people.

All human rules are limited by the tiny number of biased, imperfect, and shortsighted people who make them. Which has made “liberty and justice for all” nothing more than a bogus, hollow sentiment in a world of slavery.

While human rules are always limited, love is unlimited. Love is always good for all people at all times. Love is always the right thing to do. Love is the only candidate to rightly govern freedom.

So what is love?

I define love this way. Love is the giving of oneself to better another expecting nothing in return.

Again, don’t miss the three aspects to this definition of love.

First, love is the giving of oneself. You were born into a greedy world obsessed with taking. Love is obsessed with giving. Love is generous. Love is something you do. And when you love, what you are doing is giving.

Second, love is given to better another person. You were born into a world that is addicted to dominating and to being better than another person. A hyper-competitive planet where you are taught to find meaning and purpose in being smarter, stronger, richer, more attractive, more skilled, more successful, and better than other people.

In contrast, love is addicted to building and bettering another person. Love finds meaning and purpose in making the lives of others better. That’s why people who use their freedom to love are the real salt of the earth. People who love are the light of a dark world. People who love heal the planet. People who love hold back the rotting corruption of domination, power, and coercion. People who love make life worth living.

Third, love expects nothing in return. Love is unconditional. You were born into a world where most people have a self-serving angle for everything they do. Many people in this world extend fake love and generosity with an angle for themselves. They want something in return.

And usually what they want in return is control and leverage over you. The ability to claim moral high ground and dominance over you because of what they’ve “given” and “done” for you. That’s why conditional love is always impure. Strings are always attached.

True love is different. It expects nothing in return. Which purifies one’s motives. There are no strings attached. There are no conditions. Because true love is its own reward.

And this is why only love can properly govern freedom.

Benjamin Franklin said something powerful when he stated, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”[1]

Ben Franklin has a point. It does seem that only “good” people are capable of living free. While I am writing you an entire book on how to live and how to feel free, I must also give a caveat. That being, you need to earn the right to live and to feel free by being a good person.

Freedom can only be entrusted to good people who will not abuse their freedom. If freedom is fundamentally about choice, then we must be good people who make wise and responsible choices with our freedom.

Admittedly, this will be the biggest argument against my case for human freedom. Historically, humans have sucked at freedom. When it comes to our fellow man, we have consistently made choices to hurt each other instead of making choices to help each other. People who make free choices to help, rather than to hurt, make freedom work.

Good people can be trusted with freedom.

But two obvious questions must be asked.

1) “What is ‘good’?”

2) “Who is a good person?”

10,000 religions have been started attempting to answer these two questions. Hundreds of nations have come, gone, and still presently exist attempting to answer these two questions.

But there is only one consistently right answer to the “What is ‘good’?” question. Love.

There is only one consistently right answer to the “Who is a good person?” question. The one who loves. The one who gives of himself or herself to better another person expecting nothing in return.

Love is the perfect virtue.

· What is truly moral in this immoral world? Love. · What is truly just in this unjust world? Love. · What is truly good in this evil world? Love. · What alone will heal a broken, wounded world? Love.

Love alone can properly govern freedom. Love is the assurance that we will use our freedom to make choices to help, rather than to hurt. Choices to build, rather than to destroy.

In the spirit of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, there really is a dyad in the Force. That is, a powerful connection of two joining as one to channel all the liberating, constructive, healing, and life-giving energy that this universe possesses.

And this real dyad in the Force is not Rey Skywalker and Ben Solo.

It’s freedom AND love.

If freedom is not combined with love, Earth remains in darkness. It continues to be a world of slavery.

If love is not combined with freedom, Earth remains in darkness. It continues to be a world of slavery.

Only the powerful dyad of freedom AND love can both light and heal our planet.

I love you more than life itself. May this book help you navigate through this crazy world. May it help teach you how to feel free in a world of slavery.

Never forget that the point of this book is this: Freedom and love will heal the world.

Never forget, freedom and love will heal you.

[1] Franklin’s letter to the Abbés Chalut and Arnaud (17 April 1787).

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