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Joe GowerStreet 

Freedom and love will heal the world. 


About The Author

Joe Gowerstreet is my pen name. I am just a common man writing to common people. Hopefully with common sense. I am a passionate lover of freedom, an intense hater of coercion, and a strong advocate for strengthening the mind, will, and courage of others. I am NOT interested in speaking truth to power. I am interested in speaking truth to people – to give them back their power. I’m a pretty private guy. But if you would like to know more of the details of my personal journey, my family life, my educational background, my beliefs and convictions, etc. – you will find them throughout my writings. 



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Freedom and love will heal the world Fr
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Why “Joe GowerStreet

“Joe” is easy. I am Joe. My given middle name is Joseph. 

“Gowerstreet” is the metaphor that anchors my soul. 

At age 28, I had the proverbial “dark night of the soul” experience. It was the most devastating, painful, life altering, transformative event in my life. 

It is very difficult to put such events into words. But someone has helped me visualize it. 

Several years ago I was reading G.K. Chesterton’s book “Orthodoxy.” In one of his opening chapters he described “The Maniac.” And he cited examples of extreme mental illness. Chesterton then depicted mental illness like someone going endlessly round and round on the Inner Circle in Regent Park of London. 

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