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A Beautiful Mind and Covid: 10 statements to pierce the darkness of your Covid created craziness

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Remember this moment in A Beautiful Mind?

In this climactic scene, a rain soaked John Nash puts his hands on the car and says to his despairing wife Alicia, "Marcee can't be real. She never gets old."


Nash finally came to a critical REALIZATION concerning one of the three imaginary people his mind had created.

"Marcee can't be real. She never gets old."

This was Nash's starter kit for separating fact from fiction; fantasy from reality; truth from falsehood; mental illness from mental health.

If you haven't noticed...the inhabitants of Earth have collectively grown mentally ill over the past 24 months.

Like John Nash, we have lost our mental balance.

And like John Nash, we desperately need "aha" moments to awaken us to the fact that we have lost touch with reality.

Here are 10 "Marcee can't be real" type of statements to help us come to critical REALIZATIONS in the darkness of our Covid created craziness.

  1. You do realize coronaviruses come from animals and live in animals, not just humans. Like the flu and common cold we're never 'getting rid of it.' We're never going to vax it out of existence.

  2. You do realize there is no such thing as being "FULLY vaccinated," only being "fully vaccinated FOR NOW"...until the next booster...and then the next...and then the next...." This is nothing more than a Big Pharma money racket.

  3. You do realize that they're attempting to force 100% of the human population to take an already outdated vaccine that the virus has already outsmarted and outgrown (i.e. Delta and Omicron variants).

  4. You do realize that if the vaccine is supposedly so effective, than the unvaccinated should not be a threat to the vaccinated. Therefore this evil, medical apartheid is not needed.

  5. You do realize that this vaccine does not stop you from getting and transmitting Covid.

  6. You do realize that NO ONE knows the long term effects of taking this vaccine. Therefore calling it "safe" and "effective" is at the very least misleading, and in reality an outright lie.

  7. You do realize that ALMOST NO ONE knows what's in this vaccine. Therefore, if you can't tell me 1) what's in the vaccine and 2) what the long term effects will be...why should I ever put it in my body?

  8. You do realize that if you are hurt by the vaccine...there's no one to sue. And make no mistake, people are being hurt by the vaccine.

  9. You do realize and have noticed that almost every appeal to get vaccinated is laced with bullying assertions, NOT brilliant arguments. A lot of "Do the right thing," "Do it for others," It's not about your freedom, it's about public safety," "Are you stupid?," "Are you insane?," "You're afraid!," "You're an anti-vaxxer, science denier!,"etc. Sorry, bullying assertions are NOT convincing. Instead, try making some brilliant arguments and allow thorough cross examination. Failure to allow such exhaustive questioning exposes who are the real "science deniers."

  10. You do realize that this whole thing is one big power grab by global and national elites to facilitate a Great Reset. No one obeys their way to freedom. No one submits their way to self-respect. This is our moment. We must fight back. We must push back. We must talk back. Let me encourage you to arm yourself with the 30 facts from the following article. And in the words of another, "Get Factsinated." Blessings, Joe

And a bonus:

You do realize that if air can go through your can an aerosol virus. And even if it supposedly can't go through your mask...isn't it sticking to your mask wherever you go? And furthermore, can't it be absorbed through your eyes?

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