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The Best Essay on Freedom Ever Written?

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Listen to it here.

Why listen?

1) Because this 500 year old advice of MASS NON-COMPLIANCE will work if we unite instead of divide.

2) Because this author exposes how bizarre it truly is that we willingly surrender our self-respect, integrity, consent, and our very lives to weak, ridiculous men masquerading as powerful authority.

Who wrote this essay? Frenchman Etienne de La Boetie (day luh bow tea a [long a])

When did he write it? Mid-1500's

What is the name of this essay? Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

You can also read it here.

Also, the Academy of Ideas has a brief video that concisely interacts with some of this essays best ideas. You can watch it here.

This is the best essay on freedom I've ever come across (so far). And it is arguably THE answer to our most despairing question in the year 2021 of "What can WE do to stop this tyranny?"

Blessings, Joe

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