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The Pug and the Bear

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

A couple of years ago, my wife Joy gave me a powerful, timeless metaphor. I call it “The Pug and the Bear.”

Joy was having a conversation at the end of our steep Western North Carolina driveway with our neighbor Judy (at least that’s what I’ll call her). Judy told Joy the horrific news that “THE BEAR ATTACKED THEIR PUG.”

A black bear had consistently been roaming through our neighborhood and had obviously claimed the sizable, wooded area as its territory. And evidently this big black bear had attacked Judy’s sweet little dog.

When the time came for Joy to share the story with me, her narrative began by repeating Judy’s emotionally triggering headline, “Judy said that ‘THE BEAR ATTACKED THEIR PUG.’”

However, there was A LOT more to the story.

As I gathered more of the details of the story, what ACTUALLY happened was “THE PUG ATTACKED THE BEAR.” The bear was walking near Judy’s property and her tiny, yappy, pesky pug began chasing the bear and corned it.

At some point, the bear was “done” with the annoying pug and retaliated. I’m not sure if he nipped the pug or swatted it with his paw. But he did enough to make the pug stand down and retreat.

But the bear’s reputation had taken a hit. He was the “bad guy” in the story. He was perceived as being “in the wrong” for retaliating. The pug who did all the provoking was seen as the innocent victim. “THE BEAR ATTACKED THE PUG” became the “official story” that won the narrative wars in the retelling of these events.

I’m not a prophet, but I did “call it” in advance concerning the January 6th storming of the Capitol building and the subsequent media narrative concerning that event.

I told my brother in late December 2020 of this “Pug and the Bear” analogy and made this application. “The leftist ‘pugs’ have been provoking the conservative ‘bears’ night and day for four years (Which is the real truth: THE PUG ATTACKED THE BEAR). But there will be a day the right retaliates. WHEN that happens, the left and their media propaganda machine will spin the story as ‘THE BEAR ATTACKED THE PUG.’”

Prophecy fulfilled.

The leftists and their media propaganda machine have already built a monument to this singular January 6, 2021 moment. If they have their way, this monument will forever be emblazoned with the placard “THE BEAR ATTACKED THE PUG.”

So where do we go from here?

The left is going to continue to act as though they have moral high ground over the right because of the events of January 6th. Events which also need much more honest investigation as to who actually instigated the storming of the Capitol. There is a real possibility that the left orchestrated this as well. Nevertheless, I will suspend my final judgment until I learn considerably more.

Rising above the excessive, hypocritical media myopia concerning this one incident, what should be our big picture view going forward?

My encouragement to the faith, family, and freedom people of this country is threefold.

First, don’t be negative, be positive. You’re not alone. Don’t stand down, sit down, and shut up. Don’t shrivel, wither, and die. Now more than ever, stand up tall and continue to courageously speak up.

You have at least 75 million reasons to be optimistic. At least 75 million people voted for an admittedly imperfect Donald Trump and against a leftist, radical, Socialist takeover of this country. “Trump Supporters” are not some fringe group of 10,000 “deplorables.” There are tens of millions of people in this country who still love freedom. Take heart. Don’t be negative. Be positive.

You’re. NOT. Alone.

Second, set the record straight. Over the last four years, the true encapsulating headline of this time period should read “THE PUG ATTACKED THE BEAR.”


Let’s set the record straight concerning several matters.

· You are NOT the conspiracy theorist. Leftists are the conspiracy theorists.

- Hard Evidence: four years of day and night coverage of an alleged rigged election by Russia. The right are NOT conspiracy theorists for bringing up legitimate questions concerning the integrity of the election process in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona.

WIDESPREAD voter fraud was not needed. Only STRATEGIC voter fraud in a few counties of a few states was needed.

Anyone who wants to see what election conspiracy theorists look like, need to binge watch CNN and MSNBC reruns from ALL of 2016-2019.

The left, not the right, are the election conspiracy theorists.

· You are NOT the violent domestic terrorist. Leftists and “Biden supporters” are the violent domestic terrorists.

- Hard Evidence: Minneapolis. Atlanta. Louisville. Chicago. New York. Washington D.C. Kenosha. Seattle. Portland. Burning down businesses and police headquarters. Breaking windows and stealing merchandise from stores. Torching Police Cars. Destroying monuments. Taking over government buildings. Setting up autonomous zones. Targeting and killing police officers. Bullying people in restaurants. Intimidating people in their own homes.

- And ALL this violence was hypocritically ADVOCATED and PRAISED - by leftist politicians and media pundits. This has ALL been done by the left, not the right. They are the violent domestic terrorists.

· You are NOT the racist and the bigot. Leftists are the racists and the bigots.

- The dream of Martin Luther King Jr. that his children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character is currently NOT being realized. Not because of the right, but because of the left.

- Leftists have set up a world that judges everyone by the color of their skin, NOT by the content of their personal character and competence.

- Leftists assume the innocence or guilt of an individual based on one’s skin color, not his/her actual conduct.

- The left has created the racist cultural climate we are living in. Not the right. They are the racists and the bigots. In the name of fighting systemic racism, they are creating systemic racism.

- Furthermore, you are NOT a racist because you believe in national borders. Those who want OPEN BORDERS for people to come and go unchecked need to live this way themselves.

- Consistent with their beliefs they need to live by an OPEN DOOR policy on their homes. They need to literally remove the front and back doors off their homes. This way anyone can come into their homes at any time. And they are RACISTS if they put doors back on their house.

- Common sense and wisdom knows that you don’t just let allow anyone into your home at any time for any reason. Some will enter with the intent to murder, rape, rob, and subjugate. What is true at the home level, is true at the national level.

· You are NOT "Nazis" destroying our democracy and committing acts of treason, sedition, and insurrection. The leftists are the Nazis that have been committing acts of treason, sedition, and insurrection for years. The leftists are destroying our democracy.

- The right are constitutionalists, not the left. Free speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of assembly. Right to bear arms. Right to privacy. Due process. All revered by the right.

All being willfully destroyed by the left.

Treason? Sedition? Insurrection? Destroying our democracy?

The left is guilty, not the right.

And "Nazis"?


Trump started no new wars. What genocides did Trump call for or commit? Trump received unprecedented criticism from his political opponents. Which ones did he have imprisoned or executed? Or did Trump honor and uphold the 1st amendment - even for those who hated him? And all things considered did Trump protect the 2nd amendment - the natural right of self-defense against tyrannical government?

Who's the Nazi?

The left WILL start new wars. Sounds like a Nazi.

The left wants to mark, surveil and hunt down their political opposition. Sounds like a Nazi.

The left wants to destroy free speech. Sounds like a Nazi.

The left wants to ultimately disarm and confiscate all guns. Sounds like a Nazi.


Set the record straight. The left, not the right, easily bears the most resemblance to the Nazis.

· You are NOT the immoral evil that is ruining this country. The leftists are the immoral evil that is ruining this country.

- The leftists are not progressive. They are regressive. They are not taking humanity forward. They are dragging humanity backward and downward into idiocy, foolishness, perversion, and destruction.

- Abortion (Infanticide) is not the mark of a progressive society. A woman and the baby forming in her womb are two separate individuals with unique genetic codes. This is not a difficult issue. If you are for infanticide, you are not on the right side of history.

- Gender confusion (dysphoria) – literally being unable to distinguish between a male and female – is not the mark of a progressive society. If you are so mentally, emotionally, and spiritually reprobate that you can’t figure out the difference between a boy and a girl – you are not on the right side of history. If you are actively encouraging the gender transitioning of young impressionable children, you are not on the right side of history. You are committing hate crimes against precious children.

- Big government, controlling every detail of human existence through fear, coercion, and violence is not the mark of a progressive society. If you are on the side of tyranny and against liberty, you are not on the right side of history.

- Destroying the individual and the family is not the mark of a progressive society. If you are for the dehumanizing and demeaning of the individual and for the dissolving and destruction of the nuclear family – you are not on the right side of history.

The immoral evil that is destroying this country is not the right. It is the left.

Set the record straight, the fast-growing, malignant tumor in this country is the left, not the right.

Third, not only should we be positive and set the record straight, we must unite with each other.

It’s time.

There is very little common ground with the left. We are two nations, not one.

Unify with the left? How? On what basis? What are our unifying principles?

We are for faith, family, and freedom. They’re not.

We are for the right to freely speak. They want to silence and censor.

We are for the right to defend yourself and your family. They want to remove that ability all together.

We are for free enterprise and free market. They are for government micro-regulation. coercion, oppression, theft, and slavery.

We want to be left alone to live our lives in peace. They want mass 24/7 surveillance.

We are for individual responsibility. They want us to remain little children who need to get permission from all things BIG. BIG Tech. BIG Media. BIG Education. BIG Pharma. BIG Farm and Food. BIG Law. BIG Money (Wall Street; Bankers; Federal Reserve). BIG War (Military Industrial Complex). BIG Government both globally and nationally.

We are for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That means we are for self-ownership, self-authority, and self-directed destiny. The left is for state-ownership, state- authority, and state-directed destiny.

In short, we are for freedom. They are for slavery.

We are at a place where it is impossible to unite with the left. We must unite with each other.


1. Reject all things BIG.

a. Reject BIG Tech and find/create alternatives for freedom lovers around the world.

1) We all immediately get off Facebook and go to Telegram or something similar. Better yet, someone creates “Freedom Lovers” (or something of the like) for the faith, family, and freedom people of the world to connect with each other.

2) We all immediately get off Twitter and go to Parler (trusting it will be back up very soon).

3) We all immediately stop using Google and Yahoo and use duckduckgo or startpage.

4) We all eventually stop using Amazon by the end of 2021 and someone builds a competing business model. Better yet, we begin to localize food, goods, and services once again.

b. Continue to reject BIG media – perhaps even Fox.

o Get your news from the Blaze, the Daily Wire, Newsmax, and other freedom minded people.

c. Reject BIG government.

1) No one voted for the United Nations officials. Reject their false authority.

2) No one voted for the World Health Organization officials. Reject their false authority.

3) No one voted for the Center for Disease Control officials. Reject their false authority.

4) No one voted for the Food and Drug Administration officials. Reject their false authority.

5) No one voted for rich class dictators like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Reject their false authority.

6) No one voted for the Communist Party of China. Reject their false authority.

7) No President, Governor, Mayor, or Town Council can take away your natural and constitutional rights by claiming “It’s an emergency.” Reject their false authority.

2. Draw some lines and do not allow Biden’s government to cross them.

a. You will NOT take away my free speech.

b. You will NOT confiscate my guns. Not a one.

c. You will NOT make vaccinations mandatory. My body, my choice. Right?

d. You will NOT make a “no fly” list of your political enemies.

o If Senators Cruz and Hawley cannot fly, none of us will fly.

e. You will NOT remove school choice and make homeschooling illegal.

o Be willing to die for these causes. This is our moment in history. Freedom will be saved or lost based on what THIS generation decides.

3. Become comfortable with disobedience.

a. No one obeys their way to freedom. No one.

b. Disobedience is required to reclaim freedom.

c. You are a good person, not a “bad person” for resisting evil.

d. In fact, it could be effectively argued that we are “bad” when we refuse to resist evil and cowardly conform out of self-preservation.

4. Take back our freedom together. It won’t be given back. We must stand together and take it back red county by red county.

a. Start “Fields of Freedom” rallies in every red county in this country.

o Think Woodstock. Tens of thousands of freedom lovers meeting in farmer’s fields in every red county in this country.

o Without permission. No masks. No social distancing. Organizing and brainstorming to take back our lives from leftist globalists.

o Wednesday, January 20th would have been a great day for this. However, how about March 1, 2021?

b. Return to houses of religious worship in full capacity.

o Someone needs to make a meme of Jesus bowing and kissing the ring of Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, Gavin Newsome, Andrew Cuomo or the like. With the caption reading, “We ought to obey MAN rather than God.” Then put this on billboards all over the country. Or put them on every church door. Because this is what worshippers of God are presently living like.

o Jews and Muslims already know how to choose loyalty to God above loyalty to the state. Christians of all denominations need the wakeup call. Christians need to return to the tradition of Peter who said we ought to obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29). And the author of Hebrews who admonished believers to NOT forsake the assembling of themselves together (Hebrews 10:25). Christ wants his body together, not apart.

o Red county Sheriffs and police should obey the 1st amendment of the constitution and protect such assemblies, not prevent them. They should be servants and protectors of the people, not of power.

o Anyone with underlying conditions or who is elderly can choose to stay home if they are afraid of getting sick.

c. Immediately resume all businesses in all red counties of the country. People, not governors acting like Monarchs, possess the ultimate power in this country.

Our motto: “By order of the people, we are mandating freedom.”

5. Be prepared for the left to unleash hell. Be prepared to grow a pair and to boldly resist.

a. Begin with non-violent resistance. 75 million people saying “no” cannot be ignored.

b. If the left responds in tyrannical violence and imprisonments, immediately establish militias of 50,000 men/women in all 50 states. Establish honorable codes of conduct for these militias. If necessary, these militias will enforce freedom, protect free assembly, and resume free enterprise and free markets.

Again, our motto: “By order of the people, we are mandating freedom.”

6. If our freedom is still not recognized, succeed.

a. Every red county in the country succeeds from the union and creates USA red or goes by some other name.

b. We should have a Civil Divorce to avoid a Civil War. We can separate into USA blue and USA red with one military for 20 years that covers the transition.

c. We already are two nations. The split is inevitable. The differences in values are irreconcilable.

Must of us ON THE RIGHT AND THE LEFT really want to avoid violence and bloodshed if at all possible. Killing each other by the thousands is so unnecessary.

So let’s have a Civil Divorce to avoid a Civil War.

7. If 1) we do succeed but 2) our independence is not recognized and we are invaded, 3) then we fight. Freedom is worth dying for.

The lie: The Bear attacked the Pug.

The truth: The Pug attacked the Bear.

It’s time for the bear to wake up, stand up, speak up and take back our freedom. This is our moment.

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